Approach & Principles

I’ve been variously described as a coach, trusted advisor, thinking partner and sounding board. Ultimately my job is not to tell you what to do – you have plenty of people around you giving you advice. Rather I provide a private space for you to discuss critical career, leadership and business challenges, reflect upon them and determine your own way forward.

I bring the questions, you bring the answers. I will ask questions intended to raise and promote self-reflection, awareness and discovery. Based on what you share, I may make observations, offer suggestions and constructive challenges. I will guide the conversation towards an agreed objective, determined by you.

My approach leans more towards the practical than the existential. I like my clients to leave sessions with clear, well-considered, actionable next steps. To arrive at those requires us to first identify and unpack the topics you bring to the table.

If you would like my opinion, and it relates to my circle of competence based on 15 years strategic consulting and operational experience, then I will share it with you. You should remember that it is just my opinion, though we can work together to consider if and how it might influence your own.

Our working relationship is an equal one. We are open, honest and transparent with one another. We develop mutual trust in order that we can have the most impactful conversations.

I do not disclose any specific details about my coaching clients unless you give me permission to do so. I never share the details of our discussions in a way that is attributable to anyone or any business.