About me

My name is Richard Hughes-Jones. I am a Coach, Consultant & Lecturer who works with entrepreneurs. My clients are CEOs and leadership teams of startup and scale up businesses.

As a Coach, I facilitate a process through which you identify your own way forward. I’ll help you to: focus on meaningful action, enhance your leadership capabilities and build personal resilience. I am a Certified Coach and Member of the Association for Coaching. I have a clear Approach and set of Principles by which I work.

As a Consultant, I work across strategy, operations, business development, project management, governance (startup Boards), culture and organisational design to drive change from the top down.

I am an Associate Lecturer at the London College of Fashion where I lecture MA and Executive MBA students on Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Consulting Skills. I am a retained Consultant to the Centre for Fashion Enterprise.

What is my background?

I was a Chartered Surveyor in my early years before joining the Deloitte Strategy Consulting practice in 2006. My focus was on the development of local and regional economic policy and the preparation of business cases for major infrastructure investments.

Between 2008 and 2011 I was seconded to HM Treasury where I served as Head of Delivery and Head of Operations & Relationship Management for a government compensation programme paying out £1.5 billion to 1 million people. I was the formative member of a team that grew to be around 20 strong. I led a £20 million procurement for a 50 strong outsourced IT delivery partner, securing internal budgetary approval and briefing Ministers at all stages. I established and served on the Senior Management Team and Board.

Returning to Deloitte in 2012 I was an Account Management for a £70 million annual revenue account.  I coordinated the 15 strong Executive Partner Group and attended the quarterly Executive meetings. I managed the strategic business planning process, monthly account reporting and the 700 strong practitioner community.

A little more about me

Often feeling like a square peg in a round hole in a corporate environment, my life changed enormously when I embraced my own dream of leaving it all behind to go and live in my trusty VW campervan in the French Alps for 5 months in the winter of 2011. Climbing mountains and skiing adventurous lines in wild places is my passion. You can find out more about my adventures on my personal blog onefootinlagrave.

Returning to the corporate world was never going to be easy. I knew that there was another way to live and that my skills could be more useful elsewhere. In September 2013 I left Deloitte to set up my own business working with entrepreneurs.

Just 18 months into my entrepreneurial journey, I found myself facing an altogether different challenge. Diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer my entreprepreneurial plans had to go on hold. Now in remission and doing well, I bring that experience to the table when I work with clients, particularly from the perspective of dealing with uncertainty and building resilience.

Please get in touch if you would like to explore working together. You can also connect with me on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.