Executive Coaching

Are you a high potential individual seeking executive coaching support to take you to the next level?

I work with entrepreneurial CEOs and C-Suite Executives in high growth businesses, and investors in the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry. As high potential individuals, my clients all possess the ability, aspiration and drive to rise and succeed in more senior, critical roles and build formidable businesses. I support them on their transformational journeys, bringing a fresh approach to the discipline of executive coaching, recognising that the way businesses are built and the best talent is nurtured is changing rapidly. 

Recent clients include the Partner of a lower-mid-market Private Equity firm, the Partner of a London-based early-stage Venture Capital firm, the Managing Director (South East Asia) of a Private Equity-backed marketing intelligence business, members of the senior management team at a mid-size data science and analytics business, Founders and CEOs of startup and early-stage technology ventures, and a MBA educated individual from the wealth management industry seeking a new direction and more fulfilling career.

For the Centre for Fashion Enterprise, I provide coach-approach support to some of the industry’s most promising young designers and technology-led fashion businesses, including the likes of Molly Goddard and Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. For the Student Enterprise Team at London College of Fashion, I designed and delivered a programme of coaching and mentoring support for four of the most promising businesses emerging from post-graduate studies.

My Approach & Principles

I’ve been variously described as a coach, trusted advisor, thinking partner and sounding board. Ultimately my job is not to tell you what to do – you have plenty of people around you giving you advice. Rather I provide a private space for you to discuss critical career, leadership and business challenges, reflect upon them and determine your own way forward.

I bring the questions, you bring the answers. I will ask questions intended to raise and promote self-reflection, awareness and discovery. Based on what you share, I may make observations, offer suggestions and constructive challenges. I will guide the conversation towards an agreed objective, determined by you.

My approach leans more towards the practical than the existential. I like my clients to leave sessions with clear, well-considered, actionable next steps. To arrive at those requires us to first identify and unpack the topics you bring to the table.

If you would like my opinion, and it relates to my circle of competence based on 15 years strategic consulting and operational experience, then I will share it with you. You should remember that it is just my opinion, though we can work together to consider if and how it might influence your own.

Our working relationship is an equal one. We are open, honest and transparent with one another. We develop mutual trust in order that we can have the most impactful conversations.

I do not disclose any specific details about my coaching clients unless you give me permission to do so. I never share the details of our discussions in a way that is attributable to anyone or any business.

How does it work?

For private clients, please email me to arrange and 30-45 minute no fee call or face to face conversation. We will discuss what it is you want to get out of coaching and I’ll explain my approach in more detail. I’ll provide you with details of my rates and how sessions are structured. We can then both decide whether the fit feels right. If you would like to work with me (face to face or via Skype), I will send a short letter of engagement to you that will baseline the terms of our coaching relationship.

For business clients, I work with senior operational and talent leads to identify high potential individuals that will play a disproportionate role in impacting success. I then provide them with a bespoke package of high-leverage support that includes: one-on-one coaching, 360 feedback and formulation of and tracking against a Development Plan. I can also help individuals find the right mentor, complete psychometric testing, and identify and source specific skills-based training.

For more information about how to choose a coach, I highly recommend this post by Ed Batista, an Executive Coach in San Francisco.