Are you an entrepreneur or ambitious executive seeking career development or transition?

I support tomorrow’s business leaders on their transitional journeys, providing a safe space for my clients to discuss their critical challenges, reflect upon them and determine their own way forward. I bring the benefit of my own 15 years consulting and operational experience where it is appropriate to do so. You can download my Approach & Principles to Coaching.

Typical coaching conversations

  • I need help articulating the Vision for my business.
  • Can you help me define my growth strategy?
  • Can you help me develop a pitch deck and business plan for investors?
  • I need to consider my investment options. How much, when, and what percentage of my business should I give away?
  • What sort of leader and manager do I want to be?
  • The organisational design of this business has not kept up with growth. How do I redesign and implement a new structure?
  • My Board meeting is next week, can you help me prepare and improve my Board management skills?
  • My lead investor is trying to remove me as CEO. Help!

Recent Coaching engagements

For a leading early-stage venture capital firm, I coached CEOs of their portfolio businesses and one of the firm’s Partners.

Designed and delivered programme of coaching and ongoing business support for the most promising businesses emerging from London College of Fashion’s Fashion Business School. Currently coaching the founders of four businesses through early-stage growth.

Private coaching clients have included the Managing Director of a workspace business with 1,400 desk spaces across a number of locations in central London, the CEO of a platform-based interior design business who has recently taken on seed funding, and a DJ and musical innovator building a SaaS-based musical platform.