Governance for startups: how to build and manage a Board

shutterstock_136036394 (2) Black and WhiteAny startup that has successfully raised follow on funding (angel and beyond) is going to find itself with external investors to keep happy and to do this effectively requires some form of governance structure to be put in place. Achieving this is not actually that complicated but if you’ve never set up a startup Board before, or put any kind of governance structure in place, then it probably feels like a daunting task.

Building a Board, and managing it effectively, is a key task for a startup CEO and founding team. Whilst no one will expect you to be an expert Board facilitator from day one, the way you manage your Board will be (to your investors) a reflection of how you manage your business. Your investors don’t sit with you in the office all day, so remember, it is at the Board meeting that they really see you at work. No pressure then! Actually there isn’t. Structured and managed well, a Board will add huge strategic value to your business and you should benefit from direct mentorship from your investors.

I ran a session a few weeks ago at Seedcamp in London. The full post is here and the full set of slides are available on SlideShare. If you need some help setting up your own Board and managing it effectively then get in touch.

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