My Story

I spent most of my career in the Deloitte consulting team, working in economic development and public sector strategy. Between 2008 and 2012 I was seconded from Deloitte to HM Treasury, as Head of Operations for a £1.5 billion government programme. I briefed Ministers and senior Treasury officials and built, and was a member of, the programme’s Senior Management Team. Returning to Deloitte in 2012, I was the Business Account Manager for a £70 million annual revenue account.

My life changed enormously in 2011 when I took a five month sabbatical and embraced my dream of leaving it all behind to go and live in my trusty Volkswagen campervan in the French Alps for the winter. You can find out more about my skiing and climbing adventures on my personal blog onefootinlagrave. I returned to the corporate word knowing that I wanted a different lifestyle and that my skills could be more useful elsewhere. In September 2013 I left Deloitte to set up my own coaching and consulting business.

Eighteen months into my entrepreneurial journey, I found myself facing an altogether different challenge. Diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer my plans had to go on hold as I journeyed for 2 years through several operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Now in full remission, I bring that experience to the table when I coach clients, particularly from the perspective of dealing with uncertainty and building resilience.

Disclosure: I’ve signed up to Amazon Affiliates which means that if you follow links to the Amazon site and make a purchase then I make a small commission. I use it to pay for the many coffees I drink whilst reading and writing! I also personally select the books that appear in the carousel links, so you can treat them as recommendations if you wish. I don’t include any books that I haven’t read myself or that haven’t been heartily recommended to me by people I trust.