I provide a private space for individuals and teams to discuss, reflect upon, and navigate critical challenges, as they relate to:

  • Business growth – I take a practical and commercial approach towards helping you frame your challenges, identify options, and execute on your preferred approach. You will leave our conversations with a clear understanding about what you need to do next, the confidence to communicate ideas, and the reassurance that you have a clearly considered execution plan, against which I will hold you to account. I leverage a personal and professional interest in cognitive biases and decision making under uncertainty to help you arrive at well informed decisions.
  • Leadership development – you are already a high performing individual, but we are all Work In Progress with room to grow and develop. My job is to help you leverage your existing skills and build new ones as you navigate your transitional journey. When it comes to leadership, there is no single approach and I do not come with a ‘playbook’. We will work together to define and develop your own leadership style. I also offer facilitated 360 feedback between yourself and your management team and Board members, to provide you with an evidence-based framework against which to develop. 
  • Emotional journeys – it is indeed lonely at the top, and the emotional journey is probably the toughest part of business building. Consequently, my practical approach is never to the detriment of empathy and compassion. My role is to support and guide you through business and personal growth, building resilience along the way. Consider me an impartial and objective companion on your journey.

Leadership Coaching Framework

The framework below highlights the multi-disciplinary areas that I work across, adapted for startup and high growth leaders from Leadership Coaching: From Personal Insights to Organisational Performance, by Graham Lee (Amazon UK, US). The framework provides a holistic, and not hierarchical, overview of the core elements of leadership, which I use with clients to help them think through their relative strengths, weaknesses and areas they would like to focus on to grow and develop.

Leadership Coaching Framework

A few more things you should know about how I work

I have been an executive coach for 6 years and hold a Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching & Mentoring from the Institute of Learning & Management (ILM). I also draw upon a decade’s previous advisory experience as a Deloitte management consultant and HM Treasury civil servant.

As a coach, my job is not to tell you what to do – you have plenty of people around you giving you advice. The focus of coaching is on helping you find your own solutions. If you would like my opinion, and it relates to my circle of competence based on my experience, then I will share it with you, an approach I take when working with clients on a consulting basis.

Whilst working with me has been described as being therapeutic (and coaching is a recognised form of therapy), I am not a trained psychologist or psychotherapist and make no claim to be so. Coaching is predominatly forward looking, but because it is also about opening up clients to possibilities in themselves that they did not even know even about, my questions may sometimes be more backward-looking, exploring deeper issues that might be driving certain behaviours. Exploring the true depths of our actions, cognitions and emotions, and other issues relating to well-being and mental health, is the job of a therapist. If I feel that our specific conversations are moving beyond the realms of a coaching conversation then I will note this and ask you to do the same.

I am not a teacher but I am an educator. I make it my business to read widely and stay up to date with the latest thinking and research across a range of disciplines, including: coaching, psychology, neuroscience and business strategy, innovation and technology. I regularly share relevant articles, books, podcasts and videos with clients and ask them to reflect upon what influence their new learnings have had upon them in coaching sessions.

I act with honesty, integrity & professionalism at all times. As a trusted advisor, I understand that you don’t get the chance to employ advisory skills properly until you get someone to trust you enough to share their problems with you. I cultivate genuine, trust based-relationships with my clients on the basis that we might go on a long and successful journey together.

Our working relationship is an equal one. We are open, honest and transparent with one another. We develop mutual trust in order that we can have the most impactful conversations.

I embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. I work almost exclusively with entrepreneurs and transitional executive leaders. I get that you are trying to change the way things are done and that businesses are built differently these days. I know that what you are doing is risky but that is why it’s fun, even though the emotional stress is unbearable at times. I get that most of the time you feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions but if you can identify and hold your course then your dream could become a reality. I’m here to help you!

I do not disclose any specific details about my coaching clients unless you give me permission to do so. I never share the details of our discussions in a way that is attributable to anyone or any business.