“done by people acting as a group”.

Collective collaborates with high-growth businesses to co-create unique, company-wide coaching experiences for development and growth:

  • Fostering a coaching culture, where colleagues use each other for support and grow together
  • Navigating career, management and leadership challenges as individuals and teams
  • Creating psychologically safe environments in which individuals and teams can thrive
  • Turning feedback into action
  • Building genuinely lasting and sustainable teams and businesses

How we work

Our flexibility is under-pinned by a number of core principles:

  • We know our stuff, but in a complex world no one can have all the answers – we combine robust, evidence-based methodologies with a flexible approach to meet your needs through a collaborative and co-creative approach
  • We celebrate diversity and the richness that it brings – Collective aims to be a genuinely diverse bunch. We can help you harness its benefits too
  • We believe coaching and development is for everyone – it’s not the reserve of senior management and leadership. From the CEO and C-team to the latest hire, we bring everyone together
  • We grow best when we’re open, authentic and vulnerable – we create environments where people can share, reflect openly and flourish amongst their peers and across the whole business
  • We share much of our work in public and encourage our clients to do the same – sharing our learning, feedback (and mistakes) along the way

Collective Projects

Upside X Collective

We’ve partnered with digital transformation consultancy and venture builder Upside to launch the Up! coaching programme. Now on it’s second cohort, from the senior leadership team to new hires, participants have been given access to their own professional coach, alongside facilitated group sessions and a broader ambition to cross-fertilise the programme across the whole business.

We built this programme in public, so you can follow the progress of Cohort One via the dedicated Notion page in the link above. Read more about all our work with Upside here: A Deliberately Developmental Experiment.

Who we are

Richard is joined by the following coaches, mentors, leadership professionals and founders, who bring their wealth of experience to the high-growth space:

Coach - Amanda Dickens

Amanda Dickens is Chief Investment Officer at Visionnaires, startup specialists helping new businesses succeed. She’s also an experienced board member, venture builder and former Big 4 strategy consultant with over 25 years’ experience in building and leading new technology startups. As an experienced professional coach, she works with founders and leadership teams of high-growth businesses.

Rachel Finkelstein works within and consulting to big and small organizations on all things people-related, with a particular passion for leadership, culture and values. She spent six years in the organisation and leadership development team at Investec, and a further four years in a similar role at PwC. Whether coaching or consulting, she intentionally sees herself not as an ‘expert advisor’, but as a facilitator who asks both the simple and challenging questions.

Coach - Stefan Manku

Stefan Manku works predominantly with founders and entrepreneurs. He focuses on acting as an impartial sounding board, exploring options and coming up with a clear action plan. Whilst building his coaching business, Talk to Stefan, he’s also exploring various software ventures. He has previously led operations for a startup in the delivery software space and worked as Chief of Staff to a CEO in a robotics startup, and he’s started and sold a couple of small businesses of his own. His coaching approach is focused on taking the listening and reflective skills developed through volunteering with multiple charities supporting vulnerable people combined with commercial experience in his career to date.

Coach - Chloë Garland

Chloë Garland is the founder of coaching and consulting company Quarter-Life. Quarter-Life works with businesses to bring coaching and training to their under 30’s and to facilitate the creation of coaching cultures. Her mission is to embed coaching from the ground up in order to develop future leaders who are self-aware and emotionally intelligent. Alongside her work with organisations, Chloë also coaches and trains young adults from underrepresented groups with the aim of improving access to opportunities.  

Sanja Moll is a certified coach working with founders and leaders of entrepreneurial companies seeking to grow themselves and their companies, as well as to flourish and to thrive personally. She uses the Thinking Environment™ alongside neuroscience-based coaching and practical business knowledge to create awareness and change in clients. Her approach is personable, warm, challenging and creative. She is driven by enabling leaders and teams to put what they preach into practice via the embedding of cultural values throughout the company and in creating an honest environment with open communication. Sanja’s background is in hospitality as founder of Salt Yard Group; a group of 5 restaurants in central London which she sold in 2018. She is also an accrediated mediator.

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