High Growth Leadership Training

Business and the world of work is changing rapidly. New business models are emerging at the expense of traditional ones. The way that businesses are built and talent is developed is shifting. Unfortunately, leadership training and development is failing to keep up. From the C-team down, High Growth Leadership has been developed specifically for managers and leaders in high growth technology-led businesses stepping up into senior management and executive roles.

High Growth Leadership:

  • Delivers progressive, in-person and virtual training for growth-stage businesses.
  • Takes an experiential approach to training and development: learn by thinking, doing and reflecting, not just instruction.
  • Develops not just the skills needed to do the job but also the cognitive and emotional capacities we need to grow as individuals and leaders.
  • Integrates with the culture, mission, values, strategy and people experience in your business and helps you shape and embed them further.
  • Demonstrates continued investment in the top talent that you’ve already spent so much time finding and recruiting.
  • Is delivered in-person through half day workshops (per Module) on a monthly cadence, or 2 X 2 hour virtual workshops (per Module) on a fortnightly cadence.
Management and leadership training for startup and high growth technology businesses.

So many companies spend so much money on – and ask employees to devote so much time away from their jobs for – formal training classes. Much of this time, money and effort is misplaced. As sports coaches will tell you, there’s no better way to learn how to perform than to be in the game.

Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom & Responsibility, by Patty McCord, former Netflix Chief Talent Officer

Module 1. What is Leadership?

Introduces the programme and the core principles of management and leadership, whilst at the same time nurturing a psychologically safe space for your team to learn and develop together.

  • EXERCISE: What is the job of a leader? Discover leadership’s first principles for yourself and amongst your team.
  • The new science of management & leadership – learn about how management and leadership has changed and what the latest research tells us, including Google’s ground-breaking work into what makes for effective managers and high-performing teams, the Growth Mindset, Psychological Safety and Imposter Syndrome.
  • Learn about management and leadership from the greats, like Andy Grove, Ben Horowitz and The Trillion Dollar Coach, Bill Campbell.
  • EXERCISE: What are your leadership challenges? Embed psychological safety in your team by opening up, sharing and discussing your challenges.

Module 2. The Leader’s Toolbox

“Twenty-first-century managers simply don’t (and can’t!) have all the right answers. To cope with this new reality, companies are moving away from traditional command-and-control practices and toward something very different: a model in which managers give support and guidance rather than instructions, and employees learn how to adapt to constantly changing environments in ways that unleash fresh energy, innovation, and commitment. The role of the manager, in short, is becoming that of a coach.”

The Leader as Coach, Harvard Business Review 2019

Learn more about and develop the core skills that any modern manager or leader needs in order to get the very best of themselves and their people.

  • What coaching is and why it’s such a powerful tool for managers and leaders navigating an increasingly complex world.
  • Core coaching skills, including asking great questions, listening and empathy.
  • The GROW model – a simple but powerful model for framing conversations.
  • How to use a coach-approach in your one-on-ones, and to deliver effective feedback and feed-forward.
  • EXERCISE: Have your own coaching conversation.

Module 3. Stepping Up

Dives deeper into your team’s transformational leadership journey, moving beyond the skills needed to do the job into the mindset and cognitive capabilities required to navigate individual and business growth in a complex world. We’ll explore:

  • Organisational design, effective communication and leadership expectations.
  • The difference between horizontal and Vertical Development and leading in a VUCA world.
  • EXERCISE: Building a high performing leadership team – explore how you work together as a leadership team: what works well, not so well and what do you need to do as a leadership team to improve?

Wrapping it all up and putting it into action, we’ll explore:

  • Your biggest takeaways from your leadership development journey.
  • What you are going to start doing, and what you are going to stop doing to develop as a leader.
  • What commitment are you willing to make to your leadership peers about how you will lead from now on.

Richard’s [management training] sessions were very refreshing. Taking the approach of a coach rather than a trainer, Richard enabled the team to think deeply about how to manage and lead by stimulating and guiding the discussion. The collaborative approach and positive atmosphere he fostered allowed the team to be very open about their own challenges and come up with creative solutions suited to the business. It felt much more productive than traditional management training.

Tessa Griffiths (Managing Director) & Molly Goddard (Founder & Creative Director), Molly Goddard

If you think you and your organisation could benefit from the High Growth Leadership programmme then get in touch.