Accelerating Executive Mastery Canvas >>

The Mastery Canvas is a tool to help leaders work on their executive development. It’s the practical output of my Series about Accelerating Executive Mastery. How can you speed up the rate at which you develop in business, leadership and life? How can you get better, faster?

This Series is a Work In Progress, based on where my current research and thinking has got to.
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How to use the Mastery Canvas

To get the most out of the Canvas, read this first: Accelerating Executive Mastery: 10 ways to get better, faster >>

The Canvas is based on a number of ‘common factors’ that support anyone’s journey towards mastery. Common factors are like recipe ingredients, only by including them all together do you get the optimal dish. It’s a concept borrowed from psychotherapy, which highlights the themes that must always be present in therapy in order to maximise its effectiveness. Likewise with executive mastery, if you don’t include all these factors in your own development then you won’t get the best possible outcomes.

  1. Work through the Canvas on your own, or with a coach, mentor, or anyone else who can ask you deep, probing questions to which you can answer openly and honestly. Record your answers and activities on the Canvas.
  2. Choose Objectives based on development areas that you:
    • Recognise you need to work on, or have received recent feedback about
    • Will help you move beyond the executive that you have been, to become the executive that you want to be
    • Will both stretch and excite you if you can make big gains on them
  3. Mastery is a journey not a destination, so there’s no hard metrics to measure yourself against. Keep yourself accountable through revisiting the Canvas consistently, journalling and working with your coach, mentor or another accountability partner.