10 of the best posts about startup Boards

Startup Boards can  be a contentious subject. Do you even need a Board in the early stages? When the time comes to introduce more effective governance arrangements, how do you go about attracting the right Board members and developing a high-performance Board culture? There’s no magic wand that you can wave at your governance challenges, and you will find lots of different answers to the same governance questions.

Here’s my list of 10 articles on the subject of startup Boards that I’d really recommend reading.

Do I need a Board?

The Value of a Board at the Seed Stage by Satya Patel.

Should your startup have an Advisory Board by Mark Suster.

Don’t give away your Board seats by Steve Blank, and a constructively opposing view about why you should start building your Board early from Brad Feld.

Boreds. Or, why your startup should resist holding board meetings for as long as possible by Roy Bahat who runs Bloomberg Beta fund.

What to look for in a Board members

Top 5 things that make an awesome Board member by Matt Blumberg guest posting on Fred Wilson’s blog.

Managing Board meetings

Running more effective Board meetings by Mark Suster.

Why you’re not getting the most out of your Board by Mark Suster.

And finally

Episode 1 advice on Board meetings featuring some excellent additional links and excellent advice from Episode 1 Partner Simon Murdoch on structuring and running Board meetings.

With a hint of modesty, I’m adding my post about Governance for startups: how to build and manage a Board, as featured on the Seedcamp blog and based on a session I ran for the Seedcamp Academy.

Any other great posts you think I’ve missed? Please add them into the comments below.