Executive Coach - Richard Hughes-Jones

Executive Coach

Executive Coach - Richard Hughes-Jones

Executive Coach to high-growth leaders

For founders, CEOs and executives in high-growth businesses, the investment industry and progressive corporates

Building and leading a business is hard, there’s no easy answers. Whether you’re a founder or CEO who has just raised a funding round, a private or public market investor, or a progressive corporate executive, your job as a leader is the same: to navigate a complex and uncertain world, and take your team on a journey with you.

My job as your executive coach is to be a trusted partner on a transformational journey. I don’t bring all the answers, but combining powerful questions with active listening and two decades of coaching and blue chip business advisory experience, I’ll help shine a new light on the path in front of you.

Business Growth

  • Frame challenges by seeing the system and asking what’s going on here?
  • Identify and narrow down options
  • Clarity on actions and next steps, confidence to communicate and execute
  • Apply frameworks and mental models
  • Rapid scaleup growth and/or systemic organisational change
  • Experience and interests: vision, strategy, business models, operations, organisational design, culture, business development, sales and marketing, fundraising, investor management, governance and board effectiveness, risk management

Leadership Development 

  • Style, executive presence
  • Delegation, letting go, one-on-ones, feedback & difficult conversations
  • Managing key stakeholders, including Board members & investors
  • High performing teams, Psychological Safety
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Experience & interests: Founder to CEO, transitional leadership, women’s leadership, 90 day plans, 360 degree feedback, Vertical Development: sensemaking, perspective shifting, self-relating and opposable thinking

Personal Mastery

  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Balancing work and personal life
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Growth Mindset, Grit & Resilience, Imposter Syndrome
  • Habits, accountability and time/diary management
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Experience & interests: emotions, somatics, intuitive expertise, creativity, cognitive biases, decision making under uncertainty

Coaching Experiences

Executive Coach - Clients

Richard’s sessions give me a dedicated space to come and talk about things that are worrying me, what I’m struggling with or issues that I can’t really voice with anyone else in my life. His coaching style is conversational and non-directive.

He is very adaptable to coaching on a range of topics in the leadership arena, as well as other aspects of professional and personal development which is why I’ve found it useful to work with him across a range of different roles and career moves.

Amanda Green, Head of Operations Unitary.ai

Services provided: one-on-one coaching, facilitated 360 degree feedback. Amanda’s written more about our work together in What are your Professional Demons?

Anonymous Clients

Working with Richard pushed me to think differently about the private equity industry and consider what leadership role I could play in shaping it for the future. For an industry focused almost exclusively on transactions and financial returns, I realised that significant additional value comes from asking: “what can we do to serve our CEOs and the teams that we are invested in more effectively and how can we create the ‘space’ for them to grow?

Richard is a knowledgeable, progressive and effective coach who will help you to hold up and look at your business and leadership challenges from a different and fresh perspective.

Partner, US Mid-market Private Equity firm
This client preferred to remain anonymous.

Services provided: one-on-one coaching, facilitated 360 degree feedback.

Executive Coach - Clients

My coaching sessions challenge me to build my own capabilities for solving both strategic and day-to-day problems. Richard has an innate ability to ask the right questions at the right times… While his style predominantly revolves around the “coach approach”, he is well-read, experienced and opinionated, and isn’t afraid to share his own thoughts when asked of him.

Richard’s empathy and humour create an environment where you feel comfortable being vulnerable and self-aware. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to other business leaders looking to grow and develop in their careers.

Ed Gomez, Co-founder Emitwise ($17m Series A).

Services provided: one-on-one coaching, facilitated 360 degree feedback.

Executive Coach - Clients

Coaching has helped my reflect on my role as a leader, identifying areas I need to improve on a case by case basis. This helps build a larger picture of who I am as a leader and where I need to go and creates ways for me to form new and more impactful habits.

I find Richard’s coach-approach very calming and empowering, I am able to be very open with him and as a result come up with all the solutions myself. He has seen me through quite a few challenging situations and, because of our sessions, I have been able to handle them with a more measured, elegant attitude. I highly recommend him as his approach is about you and not bringing regurgitated opinions and methods.

Charles Jeffrey, Founder Charles Jeffrey Loverboy (undisclosed investment from Tomorrow).

Services provided: one-on-one coaching, facilitated 360 degree feedback.

Anonymous Clients

I reached out to Richard to help me develop as a leader. He brought a lot of domain knowledge, as well as an independent perspective, which I also gained through 360 feedback he facilitated on my behalf. Richard built rapport and trust quickly, making me feel I could talk about anything and speak my mind. We explored a broad range of leadership issues and I left each session feeling mentally tired!

I recommend Richard as a coach to other leaders seeking executive level support on this tough but rewarding journey.

Chief Technology Officer (£20 million Series B corporate venture round).
This client preferred to remain anonymous.

Services provided: one-on-one coaching, facilitated 360 degree feedback.

Executive Coach - Clients

Our regular meetings with Richard have been invaluable. He is super friendly, knowledgable and takes a genuine interest in our company. We’ve discussed overall growth strategy for the business, organisational design and how to build, manage and lead a team.

Richard’s approach is refreshing because rather than telling us what to do, he guides us to our own conclusions. 

Molly Goddard, Founder and Creative Director Molly Goddard.

Services provided: one-on-one and group coaching with founder and Managing Director, Management Team Workshop.


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