Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership team coaching for growth-stage technology businesses

A high performing team is critical to business success. Yet, whilst we understand the characteristics of high-performing teams, creating and nurturing them is hard. That’s why I work with leadership teams in growth-stage technology businesses, coaching them through rapid growth.

How leadership team coaching works

Teams are complex adaptive systems, best understood through exploration of the interactions between individuals in the team rather than just the individuals themselves. That’s why I take a comprehensive approach towards understanding everyone in your team, and it’s current and future desired state.

1. Team Health Check

  • Team interviews & questionnaires
  • Open discussion about the findings
  • Collective decision on most impactful areas to work on

2. Coach the CEO

  • Set the team leader up for success
  • Prepare the team leader for the team sessions
  • Transition the team leader to team coach

3. Coach the Team

  • Create 6 month plan
  • Regular team sessions, combining coaching, workshops & team building
  • Reflection and measurement against objectives

Leadership Team Workshops

  • Interactive, experiential and cost-effective way of enhancing team performance and development
  • Facilitation and coaching expertise creates a dynamic and stimulating learning environment
  • Results are agreed, achievable and measurable individual and team action plans and outcomes, including:
    • Better understanding of team strengths and blind spots
    • Higher quality communication
    • Feedback rich environment
    • A psychologically safe environment