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March 2021: Want to be a better leader? It’s complex.
February 2021: The Art of Thinking & Changing Your Mind
January 2021: Uncertainty, Prediction, Sensemaking & Bringing down the system!
December 2020: A (weird) Year in Review
November 2020: 5 Dysfunctions of a technology leadership team + what was Descartes’ Error?
October 2020: Professional Demons & the Future of Technology Leadership
September 2020: Diversity meets Radical Uncertainty
August 2020: 3 fundamental truths about uncertainty + the difference between complicated & complex?
July 2020: Navigating Polarities, Feedback & High Growth Leadership
June 2020: Coaching / Mentoring / Therapy Difference? + Diversity & Privilege
May 2020: Want to build a better leadership team? What is praxeology?
April 2020: Women’s Leadership, Uncertainty & ‘not’ Black Swans
March 2020: A leader’s guide to decision making under uncertainty
February 2020: Disruptive Leadership, ‘Not Losing’ & Contrarian Culture
January 2020: Women’s Leadership, Diversity & Disruption
December 2019: Top 10 Articles, The Cult of Personality Testing…
November 2019: Vertical Development, Diversity & the Future of Coaching
October 2019: Peter Drucker’s Wisdom, Leadership & Lingerie!
September 2019: Advice for new leaders, Imposter Phenomenon & Self-Coaching
August 2019: Leadership Lessons from Medicine, Aviation & Brexit
July 2019: Leadership Resources (EQ, Narcissism & more!)
June 2019: Summer Reading Inspiration!
May 2019: Lessons in Leadership
April 2019: Survivorship Bias & Why it’s OK to be wrong
March 2019: Culture, Disruption & Decision Making
February 2019: Life & Business Lessons from a Mountain Guide & Olympic Snowboarder
January 2019: What I Read this Christmas

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