First Principles Management & Leadership Training

First Principles

Training for startup founders, managers & leaders

You’ve raised a Seed or Series A round. You’re a band of highly motivated brothers and sisters who want to do hard things. You’re well on your way to Product Market Fit. Your business has the potential to be a rocket ship.

But you’re team is growing fast and you’re noticing the strain:

  • You’re high potential individuals but you’ve little management and leadership experience and training. How do you go from being Individual Contributors to managers and leaders of whole teams?
  • Exponential scaling laws are taking effect. You’ve no extablished meetings and operational rythym. Communications can feel tense.
  • Without clarity on your Vision, Mission and Values you’re struggling to communicate them.

First Principles training helps startup leadership teams to get rapidly up to speed:

  • Takes a coach-approach to training. Learn by thinking and doing, not just instruction.
  • Is exclusively for startup leadership teams, teaching you the first principles of management and leadership in the context of what’s needed to grow a business to 100 people and beyond.
  • Draws on evidence of what works, from Google’s ground-breaking work into high-performing teams and seminal works like High Output Management, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, The High Growth Handbook and Scaling People: Tactics for Management and Company Building.
  • My experience working at the most senior levels in business, in leadership positions in scaleup technology business, and coaching founders, CEOs and C-suite executives in Seed and Series A, B businesses.